UK Bingo Sites and Bingo Bonuses

Welcome to UK Bingo Sites, where you can find the best places to play bingo dedicated especially for the UK bingo player. Whether you like playing 75 ball or 90 ball bingo, or you are completely new to the game, you can expect good entertainment with online bingo communities, big jackpots, and safe and reliable fun.

Our recommendations are for 100% safe, tried and tested UK bingo sites and we bring you the most comprehensive list of bingo sites with the best bonus offers as well as no-deposit bingo offers. A lot of players also like to play slots and casino games too which is why we list them on this site.

Bingo is a game of chance, but the difference between it and other such games is that bingo is a sociable game where you are not in direct competition with anyone else or even the live bingo hall. Someone has to win the game and this facilitates an enjoyable atmosphere where you can play and have fun with other players. Playing online has retained the sociable element where even though you can play in the comfort of your own home, there is still the element of community by way of the chat rooms, participating in chat games and knowing that there are players out there that you can interact with.

What is online bingo?

Online bingo has becomeg increasingly popular amongst the British public. Just as going to your local bingo hall can be considered a night out, playing online bingo is a source of safe fun with a good sociable element in the form of chat. Not only can you play bingo, but you can also make friends in a safe environment. There are plenty of online bingo sites out there, however the online bingo sites featured on this website play and bank in sterling as they are intended for the UK player, so there is no need to worry about conversion rates, or playing with people that could be half way around the globe!

What to look for in an online bingo site

There are several issues that you must take into consideration before join an online bingo site:

Bingo Bonuses

The bigger the bonus percentage, the more you get for your money. It’s as simple as that. However you must be aware that you must wager a certain percentage (or all – depends on the online bingo site’s terms and conditions) before you are allowed to withdraw any part of it. This is fair to the online bingo site, as they are giving you money to effectively buy bingo cards or to play games on their site. However if you win with the bonus money then it’s yours.

90 ball bingo

90 Ball bingo is a very British thing, after all that is what we play in UK bingo halls! Most UK sites offer the 90 ball game by default which is a great thing as your experience will be more akin to that playing at bingo halls. In the 90 ball game the pace can be a bit slower than 75 ball game, but it is just as exiting. You play for a line, then maybe 2 lines, and a then final coverall game. So effectively you get a minimum of 2 chances of winning per game. Nowadays there are plenty of bingo sites that offer 80 ball (4 line), 52 ball bingo, and even the 30 ball Swedish variant. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Ease of use

Online bingo sites should be easy to use, and generally this is the case. Where you are supposed to click in order to play should be readily visible, as well as links for help / support, banking, and registration. Most importantly you have to feel comfortable inside the bingo hall itself.

A good help / support base

Details should be readily available should you need assistance as to what type of customer service is available. A good bingo site will allow you to get in touch by phone, email or even live chat should you have a problem.


A somewhat superficial factor, but those sites which are well designed, eye catching, and easy to navigate will have probably been more invested in and better thought out. It is not always the case, but your user experience could be better rewarded. However this is down to personal taste. The important thing is that you like what you see.

Simple and secure banking

UK bingo sites in general allow you to bank using your debit card / credit card and the whole process should be simple, secure, and straightforward. If you do not feel comfortable depositing funds then go to another online bin go site where you feel safe doing so.

Card prices

The best scenario is when the cards are cheap (i.e. 10p per card) and the prizes are big. In many bingo sites the game is up to £1 per card, but the prizes may be big. However in other sites the card prices are low but the prizes may not be as sizeable. That is something you have to balance when you register and go to the bingo room. It is easy to see the card prices ratio to the prizes given.

Number of people playing online bingo

The more people that play the slimmer your chances of winning but the greater the jackpots and prizes. As a rule of thumb game prizes are calculated depending on the amount of cards purchased by the pool of players. However it is impossible to tell how many cards have been bought altogether. But as a general rule goes, it works. So if you fancy better chances of winning when you play online bingo then you might be better off in an online bingo site that is less busy, but your prizes may not be as big.