UK Bingo Sites

Aownloading a piece of software! Thankfully now it is all much simpler and there is very litter that needs to be done, aside from opening an account with a particular bingo site, to enjoy a game or two of bingo.

The features that bingo sites offer are very much determined by the software that powers them. This technology is often shared between sites that use the same software provider that makes it possible for bingo sites to have a certain number of popular and attractive games, but also share vital features in terms of banking and security. Different bingo software companies will have different games, ways of use, chat facilities or features. However, each bingo site will be customised to have its own promotions, look, feel, and flavour. Otherwise there would be nothing that distinguishes between each bingo site or makes them unique. This is something that all bingo sites fight for in their marketing, to establish themselves and carve a unique niche for themselves, trying to make themselves different and stand out from the crowd. 

Bingo Bonuses and Promotions

The main way that bingo sites can stand out is with the bonuses and promotions they offer new players, but let’s also not forget existing players. Their retention methods are just as important once they have you as a player, so this is something to look out for. Bingo bonuses come in all shapes, sizes, and flavours. First, there is the ubiquitous cash match bonus. This means that the bingo site will match in bonus funds whatever you decide to make as a first deposit up to a certain amount. This will usually be capped at £100 although larger bonus amounts have also been known to occur. Another variation of the cash match bonus is when they give the player a percentage of the first deposit (can be 200% or even higher than 500%!) up to a certain amount. These generous bonuses are not unheard of and usually come subject to tight terms and conditions.

Another type of bonus is when players are given bonus funds once they spend their first £10 or £20. This means that while you  will get a bonus, you have to commit first and spend a stipulated amount of your own funds in order to get a bonus. This is many times seen in the larger, more established brands. Another variation of this theme is when the onus is on the player to claim those bonus funds, although this is not as prevalent these days.

In recent years a growing number of bingo sites have accompanied their bingo bonuses with free spins offers. These free spins are usually to play in a particular slots game or in a series of slots games, it does not mean you simply have free spins in any game of your choice! Also these free spins many times come with stringent terms and conditions, usually with extremely high wagering requirements, which means that it will be very unlikely that you would be able to withdraw any winnings made with these free spins. Other times, free spins winnings are capped at a certain amount. .

Free spins usually come with strings attached, so the best way to look at them is a bit of fun, that can allow you to win but it is probably better to not count on those winnings. The number of free spins that are offered will many times differ from bingo site to bingo site. There are some that have a “spin the megawheel” sign-up promotion that offers a variety of free spins when the player first joins and makes a deposit. Some advertise a maximum of even 500 free spins. This, however, is unlikely to happen, even if it is random. Just like in scratchcards, it is much more likely to win a small amount of free spins than it is to win a large amount of free spins.

Wagering Requirements

The vast. majority of bingo sites offer bonuses that are subject to wagering requirements. These are usually specified as a multiplier. It is common to see “4x wagering requirements” for bingo bonuses, meaning that bonus funds must be staked four times in their value before they can be withdrawn. So, if you are given £20 in bonus funds, you play and win, you must wager this (stake) four times over, that is, £80 worth, before you can opt to withdraw any winnings. This means that in practice it is very difficult to withdraw any winnings made with bonus funds. The wagering requirements are usually far higher when it comes to slots or casino games. Also, the more you receive in bonus funds the more you will have to wager it to be able to withdraw any winnings. Our advice from UK Bingo Sites is: do not count on keeping any winnings from bonus money. By all means if you can withdraw it then great, otherwise just treat it as games money and always try to play from your own funds. It is also important to note that your own funds are not subject to wagering requirement, this only usually applies to bonus money.

In later years there has been a movement of bongo sites that advertise no wagering requirements. These can seem very attractive and indeed if there is no wagering rules attached to these bonus funds then these sites would have an edge over others. As always, it is best to look at the small print that accompanies any mention of bingo sites or promotions. 

Bingo Bonus Codes

There are bingo sites that advertise bingo bonuses with bonus codes. This means that players need to enter the bonus code specified in order to receive the bonus funds, usually at the time that they are making the deposit. Always pay attention to how and when this needs to be done if a bonus code is advertised because otherwise you might miss out on the opportunity of receiving the bingo bonus advertised. There are times when bonus codes are used for existing players to give ongoing bonuses. This is a great way to retain players and keep them interested. 

Free No Deposit Bingo Bonuses

Getting a free bingo bonus with no deposit required used to be quite popular and some brands advertised these quite aggressively at times. Needless to say these usually came with a lot of strings attached and more often than not they could not be withdrawn, even if you won a big game with these funds. After all, you have to ask yourself who realistically gives something away for nothing?? Nowadays, with greater regulations in the UK bingo market and more stringent conditions from the UK Gambling Commission this type of bingo bonus has dwindled substantially and very few (if any) bingo sites offer them. Despite the initial attractiveness of this type of bonus, they should always be treated with caution and only to check out a site without having to make a commitment to playing there with your own money. 

Types of bingo games

It may be hard to believe but there was a time when there was only the 75 ball bingo game available. This is because initially bingo games were developed for the American market, where the 75 ball game is prevalent. After 2005, bingo sites started moving into the UK market which was ripe with bingo players that used to play in bingo halls and were willing to play online. It was only then that the 90 ball bingo game started to become popular, and now all UK bingo sites offer the 90 ball game. Other types of bingo games have become popular over the years; there is the 80 ball game (similar to the 75 ball game), 52 ball bingo and even a 30 ball bingo game often known as ‘speed bingo’. Whichever is your favourite game, nowadays it is relatively easy to find a good variety of bingo games to choose from in most if not all bingo sites.

Slots and Casino Games 

Bingo sites have become an all-round gaming suite for many people, as they don’t just offer bingo games. There is an increasing number of games available to bingo players in most, if not all bingo sites, with some boasting hundreds of slots games to choose from. One thing that must be clear is that bingo bonus funds do not usually cover playing slots or casino games, so it is best to have this in mind as playing these games will usually be out of your own funds. 

Having a greater variety of games to choose from, aside from bingo is a great way to keep players entertained and the variety of games available will depend on the software provider or the games provider. However, chances are you will find the more popular slots and casino games in most, if not all bingo sites. For those bingo sites that do allow bonus funds to be used to play slots or casino games, these will be subject to much higher wagering requirements than bingo games, so it pays to read the small print as usually these will be specified there.


The bingo community is a fundamental part of the bingo experience. There is chat, bingo tournaments, team bingo, competitions, chat games and a real community feel necessary to keep players engaged and coming back. In fact, this will be make or break for many people in choosing where to play bingo. Having a place where you can unwind, chat with like minded people and have a laugh as well as play your favourite games and have a bit of friendly competition and banter is very important to many bingo players. Keep the community in mind when deciding on where to play, as this may be important to you once you become a member of a bingo site. It has also been known for people to spark real friendships in real life through playing bingo.

Playing bingo responsibly

Lastly, but by no means less importantly, is the need for everyone to enjoy playing bingo in a safe and responsible manner. Firstly, do not ever spend more than you can afford to lose. Secondly, do not ever go chasing winnings because the old adage of the “casino always wins” is very true. Playing bingo should be for fun, not to win or making a living out of it, which can invariably be dangerous. Also, consider whether your gaming habits are casual. Any signs of addiction should be dealt with immediately. Playing bingo should be fun and safe. If you feel that you are becoming addicted to the game then our recommendation is to stop immediately. If you feel that you are spending too much, then you can also contact your bingo site for them to impose spending caps on you so you can play with peace of mind that things will not get out of control. It goes without saying that playing on any bingo or casino site is strictly for over 18s only. There are very strict rules governing this and if you are found to be underage and playing, not only is it an offence, but also you will be banned and not payed any winnings. 

For more information and support please visit Gamcare that will help you in an y way they can.